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The development of the Coefficient of Optimism

and its impact on our personal and professional lives

Saturday, July 17

Time: 15:00 - 17:30


Theoretical / Practical

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2 hours and half

€ 130


* Capacity limited to 70 people

Life expectancy in the world has almost doubled in recent years. And it continues to grow. With this, two new challenges have emerged:


- As a species: spectacular increase in population

- As individuals: more than 30 additional years of life, where the search for pleasure is not enough to be happy. The challenge is "to live" and not just "survive”


In a situation like the current one where we are faced with an unknown environment full of uncertainty, it is essential to promote a positive and proactive attitude, in addition to the appropriate knowledge, in order to face this uncertainty. Millions of years of evolution have formed a cranial structure in three differentiated brains: reptilian whose mission is to maintain life; limbic that governs our emotions and rational where knowledge resides.


During this workshop:


- We will see that failures in life are usually more for emotional than rational causes. We have been trained to solve technical problems, but we do not know how to live with emotional situations that disconcert us. The most studied topic at present is the "search for happiness of individuals", which allows reducing the number of depressions, anxieties, alexithymias, etc, causing diseases and involving an enormous labor cost for companies. The result of this is the assertion that about 80% of all our achievements depend on our attitudes.


- We will develop different alternatives to fill our lives with content and seek the balance between the three quadrants: physical, emotional and intellectual.


- We will study how to overcome fears. Our cave-dwelling past makes us feel fear, -without a doubt the greatest cause of unhappiness, which makes us not change our habits (fear of change); not try to fight to achieve our dreams, (fear of failure); eat more than necessary and have the need to accumulate for the future, (fear of survival); do what others like so as not to disappoint them, even if we don't like it, (fear of rejection), etc. And with fear we cannot achieve everything that we would be capable of.


- We will reflect on how to give meaning to our existence, going from performing tasks (how to live) to developing projects (why to live).


We have to learn to fight for having an exciting life and to pursue our dreams. We must continue dreaming the impossible, remain children. The problem is "unlearning and not learning”. Maybe happiness is a bad memory and good health. We are all going to die, but we have to make our lives worth it.

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