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Javier is the CEO of Lanzadera, the startup incubator and accelerator that forms part, together with EDEM Escuela de Empresarios and the investment company Angels, of the Marina de Empresas entrepreneurship pole.

Lanzadera is an initiative created by Juan Roig with the clear mission of training, advising and financing companies

for the consolidation and proper functioning of the same. Javier has been in charge of Lanzadera since its inception

In 2013, he is therefore an expert in the task of advising startups and entrepreneurs. Bachelor of Economics

from the University of Valencia, he has been Head of Purchasing at Mercadona for 16 years and head of the Financial Division during his last stage in the company. He has participated as a speaker in international events

4YFN, South Summit or Salón MiEmpresa.


Lanzadera is an initiative of Juan Roig located in the Marina de València that has the mission of training, advising and financing entrepreneurs of today and of the future and that constitutes a commitment to creation

wealth, employment and fostering the culture of entrepreneurship