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Founder & CEO, Grupo Sohin

Juana Ramírez, creator of Grupo SOHIN, was born in Colombia and is Mexican by naturalization. Her condition as a woman in the face of the Latin American social context challenged her to turn NO into a movement in favor of YES: YES, it is possible to conquer dreams if people work hard, with discipline, impeccability, passion and a clear purpose. 


She studied Psychology, has a Master's degree in Business Administration and graduated from the Senior Management Program at the IPADE Business School, where she also completed the Counselors Program. She is an expert in strategic planning, innovative access models in health, marketing, advertising, business team management, entrepreneurship, corporate governance, leadership and innovation.


Passionate about health, the development of new models of care for patients, innovation in public and private health services, scientific research for the cure of chronic degenerative diseases, as well as social and high-impact entrepreneurship, classical music and life.


In 2009 she founded Grupo SOHIN, a health holding that has managed to serve more than 80,000 people with highly specialized diseases and whose purpose is to transform the traditional health care paradigm towards a comprehensive, predictive and inclusive ecosystem that defends the human right of universal access to health and respect the dignity of patients.


She is an Endeavor entrepreneur, President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico, speaker on issues of health, entrepreneurship, inclusion and gender equity. She is a university teacher, mentor and advisor in various business and social organizations. She is the founder and President of the Guerreros Foundation and a member of the Board of Trustees of the School of Fine Arts of the Panamerican University. A multi-award-winning businesswoman and a recognized opinion leader that today has her own space on television in the program “Mundo Salud”, of which she is a producer and presenter.

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How to reflect health to generate innovation in all sectors

The 21st century has been characterized by a radical change in the fundamental paradigms of humanity. In the last decade these differences have deepened through exciting advances in fields such as technology, genetic engineering or communications, but also in a radical transformation of the way we live, get sick and die. In addition, the pandemic put health at the center of global attention and challenged all economic sectors: reinvent themselves in the midst of uncertainty.


The healthcare industry developed a vaccine for the first time in history in less than 10 months, massed diagnostic tests with technologies previously unavailable to most, converted and built hospitals in weeks, and made telemedicine a commodity. Now that experience must nurture and enhance innovation and development in all economic sectors for the future.


This conference exposes the 5 main disruptive trends in health, the learning applicable to all productive sectors and how to prioritize the health of the various actors of economic activities in a market that will increasingly value the social responsibility of companies.




1 hour


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How to transfer health innovations to successfully access the market of any other sector

Saturday, July 17

Time: 17:45 - 19:45


Theoretical / Practical

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2 hours

€ 150


* Capacity limited to 70 people

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to apply the learnings from the health sector in the process of product and service innovation, as well as the development of market access strategies in other economic sectors.


For that, they will use the 5 steps that the health sector left us in its dizzying process of reinvention and that are applicable to any economic sector, to translate them into successful business models.


More than a methodology, the workshop proposes a new way of thinking and addressing market needs and turning them into value creation opportunities.

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