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CEO & Co - Founder, Aticcolab

Excited starting AticcoLab, a new initiative for the growth of the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem: startups, corporations, mentors and investors.

He is a member of the Board of several startups such as Sphera Sports (sports portal),

Go-PopUp(the first Spanish marketplace that rents spaces for days), or iGlobalMed

(contractingmedical services over the internet).

He began his career in the world of large computer projects. After spending 5 years

at Apple Spain as Technology Services Manager, founded QSystems, developer

technology for media and shortly after Briefing, one of the first "interactive agencies"

from Spain.And since then he has been working on the crossover between technology,

communicationand innovation.

After selling the companies, he insisted as an entrepreneur, participating in the creation of several companies, including the advertising agency Quin Team (now Won), of which he was CEO 
and responsible for the digital area.

He has taught digital communication classes at various universities. Currently participates

in mastersand postgraduate degrees from the Blanquerna and LaSalle Faculty of Communication.

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AticcoLab is a global innovation platform

where startups, corporates, mentors and investors coexist.

Together we foster effective connections, learning

collective and growth. We believe in the power of ideas,

talent and those who bet on the atypical, disruptive

and challenging as the only way to change the world