CEO & Director de Media Digital Ventures

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Degree in International Business Administration and Management. I started my professional career at BBVA New York where I worked for 6 years in Corporate and Investment Banking.


Then I decided to study an MBA at Columbia Business School, which I finished with honors and with a specialization in Venture Capital and Private Equity.


In 2018, after 9 years in the USA, I decided to return to Spain, I assumed a role as CFO in Tamarit Motorcycles, a hobby business, and in parallel I launched a Venture Capital boutique, Kentia Capital Partners, with the investment mandate of 2 family offices Spaniards to invest in Spain and the USA.


In 2020, I have joined Media Digital Ventures as its CEO and Chief Investment Officer. MDV is the leading Venture Capital firm in Spain dedicated to Media for Equity.

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At Media Digital Ventures we carry advertising stocks to exchange them for stakes in Startups with great growth potential. Our goal is for them to be greatly benefited by the generation of Brand Awareness and Scalability that we provide them thanks to running a campaign with a unique mix of media at their disposal.

Logo_Media BUENO.png